Burner Control Series DBC2000

/Burner Control Series DBC2000

Product Specifications

  • Employs a plug-in mounting method
  • Uses a microprocessor to improve performance
  • Status and fault indication by indicator LEDs
  • A 4-wire firing rate switching circuit controls an air damper motor or other auxiliary equipment during start-up of the burner.
  • Safe start check before and during pre-purge
  • Dual flame amplifier for UV, IR or flame rod sensor
  • Automatic recycle once per 24h of uninterrupted heat demand.
  • Frontal jack plug (Ø 3.5mm) to read the flame signal with a microampere meter.
  • An electrical sub base lock (reset and safety limit terminals are swapped) to avoid that a Standard model is used systems wired for an Enhanced or
  • Ultimate model. The DBC2000 cannot start then.Safety shutdown occurs on:
  • Malfunction of the burner controller
  • Failure to ignite the pilot burner or main burner
  • Loss of flame during run period
  • Opening of air flow switch during pre-purge, start-up, run and post-purge period
  • Flame signal detection during standby or pre-purge period
  • Integrated Valve Proofing System (Enhanced and Ultimate models only)
  • Remote bus communication (Ultimate model only)

     Model All Series DBC2000

    DBC2000E1026    /  DBC2000E1018   /   DBC2000E1000

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