Burners Series BICR

Burners Series BICR

Overvivew Spec

  • Burner length increments: 100 mm.
  • Types of gas: Natural gas or LPG (gaseous); other gases on request.
  • Heating: Direct with inductor or indirect in radiant tube.
  • Control type: On/Off.
  • Flame velocity: High.
  • Most of the burner components are made of corrosion-resistantstainless steel.
  • Exhaust-gas housing EGH with internal ceramic fibre
  • insulation (RCF).
  • Flame control: Direct ionisation control.
  • Ignition: Direct, electrical.
  • Maximum furnace temperature: approx. 950°C for indirect heating,approx. 1050°C for direct heating.
  • Burner output and required connection pressure at a furnace temperature
    of 900 °C for indirect heating with natural gas in a radiant

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