Flow Switches Series FS7-4

Flow Switches Series FS7-4

Features and Benefits

  • Universal design serves the widest variety of large pipe applications, including heating and hydronic systems, air conditioning, refrigeration and process work
  • 11⁄4″ NPT
  • Brass with sealed tube construction
  • Single pole, double throw snap switch
  • Magnetic switching mechanism eliminates need for bellows
  • Sensitivity adjusting screw makes flow adjustment easy
  • Paddles can be trimmed to suit application needs
  • Optional features
    • Extended paddle arm – Model FS7-4L
    • Two SPDT switches to make or break two separate circuits
    •  Stainless steel body and paddles
    •  BSPT threads
  • Minimum temperature (fluid or ambient) 32°F (0°C)
  • Maximum temperature 300°F (149°C)
  • Maximum operating pressure
    • 300 psi (21 kg/cm2)
    • 1000 psi (70 kg/cm2) – Stainless Steel models

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